Two New Nests – One Highly Unusual

Two more nests yesterday! 44 total nests keeps us above both averages. The first nest was fairly normal, but the second one was highly unusual. She nested 63 feet into the vegetation. This is Nancy’s 12th year of doing this, and she has never seen a nest this far into the vegetation.

Totals as of June 24

The following photographs are from MSO25 – the unusual nest where the Loggerhead went 63 feet into the vegetation to nest. It was quite a sight to see.

She went into the vegetation on the left and came out on the right, near the steps.
There is a big difference in track length, which tells you she was up there a long time, as the tide went out.
This a large disturbed area, considering it is in vegetation and was created by a loggerhead.
That is the nest way back there!