Two New Nests in the Last Two Days

We had no new crawls on the 18th, but we got one yesterday and one today! Unfortunately, we’ve fallen behind the daily average. We will catch up!

Yesterday’s nest was the first one for the Sea Hammock Condos, which is usually a popular area for the mama turtles. It is a beautiful natural beach with no hard armoring, no snow fencing, and rarely any holes or trash left by beachgoers.

Another loggerhead nest today! Yay! 6 total nests. Less than our average, but there is a lot of season still to come. The homeowner, the very turtle friendly Kevin (who now has 2 of our 6 nests), was able to figure out the approximate time of the nest. There was a short rain shower around 10pm, and he pointed out that her incoming tracks were specked with raindrops, but the outgoing tracks were not. She emerged from the water around 10pm, when it was raining. How is that for turtle CSI?!?

Totals as of May 20
See the raindrops on the incoming track and the absence of them on the outgoing?
May 19 Totals