Three Nests Today!

BIG DAY FOR US! THREE new loggerhead nests and one more loggerhead false crawl.

Most of the turtles continue to make the wise choice of nesting south of Mickler’s, where the beach is more natural, but one today chose a very bad spot north of Mickler’s.

The nest is right up against a seawall and very near a drain pipe that is draining from the top of the wall to the beach. The nesting turtle encountered seawall construction debris that had been buried and is now mostly exposed, including uncut bolts, broken pieces of vinyl sheeting, hazard flagging, and hardened concrete. We will hope for the best for this nest, and just be grateful the nesting turtle did not injure herself (we found no blood).

South of Micklers (1.7 miles) is still winning in nests, 8 to 4, even though the section north of mickler’s is a half mile longer (2.2 miles). North of Mickler’s is still winning in false crawls, 6 to 2. The false crawl on the north end today is a perfect example of why we get more false crawls north of Mickler’s.

Totals May 31 – 3 nests today really helped when you look at the averages!
One of three pieces of broken vinyl sheeting we uncovered while retrieving an egg for the two research studies in which we participate.