Six New Nests the First Eight Days of July and Two June 30

One more loggerhead nest today, but no false crawls. We now have 59 nests and 52 false crawls. There are 25 nests and 23 false crawls north of Mickler’s, a 2.2 mile stretch, and 34 nests and 29 false crawls south of Mickler’s, a 1.7 mile stretch.

Totals as of July 8

We had two more loggerhead nests on July 7. Both of these nests were unique. There were also two false crawls on the 7th.

MN021 – That is an exposed piece of broken and buried vinyl sheeting that was left behind by the seawall contractors.

On the 5th we had a nest and a false crawl.

The crawl was attempted within a washout area that the condos have tried to remedy.

The 4th brought 2 false crawls.

July 2nd there were TWO more nests between Sawgrass and the Sea Hammock Condos. We also had a big false crawl, by a Green turtle, but the good news is, one of the two nests was a Green.

The last day of June was GOOD DAY! TWO nests and only two false crawls! The pictures of the second nest were taken by our guest contributer, Christine Miller Wanderon, who was extremely excited about the nest!