Seven New Nests Over Past Four Days

Today is a good news/bad news kind of day — We got a nest! YAY! But we also had SIX false crawls. Something weird is going on this year. We have 51 nests and 44 false crawls. The Beaches Patrol has 40 nests and 62 false crawls. I’ll let you know when someone figures out why we are having so many false crawls….

On Sunday we had THREE nests, which had put us at the half-century mark and well above both averages. WOOHOO!!! But wait! There is even more amazing news from Sunday’s patrol on the turtle front — one of the nests was a rather late-arriving LEATHERBACK! We now have FOUR leatherback nests for the season.

Another loggerhead nest was found on the 27th! YAY! Sadly, however, on that day we added 3 more false crawls to the books. This nest was a good example of a nesting turtle camoflaging the location of her clutch.

We had no crawls on the 25th, but on the 26th we had two new nests. Unfortunately, there were also five false crawls. One of our nests was another one in the vegetation. This one was 15 feet beyond the line of solid vegetation.

Totals as of June 29