Nothing Today – A Nest and 2 False Crawls Yesterday

We found nothing today, but yesterday there was another loggerhead nest south of Mickler’s. So far, south of Mickler’s is winning 6 nests to 1 nest, even though the south end is 0.5 miles shorter — go figure?!? The north end is winning in false crawls, however, 3 to 1.

You can see in the tracks how she worked to get up on the rear track and how she slid right down on the front track. That’s one of the ways to determine which is the incoming and outgoing tracks.
Carol Williams measuring the track width
This mama did not fool us much. We were able to go right to the clutch to retrieve one fresh egg for two very important research projects. The basis for every conservation effort is research.
A textbook false crawl

A textbook false crawl, with a twist!

Totals as of May 22