Five New Nests Since Wednesday

There were two nests and two false crawls on Friday, two nests on Saturday, and a nest and false crawl on Sunday.

As of today, we now have 2 dozen nests. Not too bad at all. Today’s false crawl was a loggerhead. Our nester today was not very large, judging by her track width, but she was energetic. She moved a lot of sand around in her 2 abandoned body pits and nest.

Totals as of June 7, 2020
This is what happens to paint pen markings in the rain. LOL
Totals as of June 6, 2020

On Saturday, the first one, when we tried to pound one of the nest stakes in, the stake kept going crooked. We dug and found part of broken concrete block. The other nest is in front of a seawall, but fortunately it is one of more westerly seawalls we have.

MN009 –¬†She went straight back into the ocean, but when she came out of the ocean….

On Friday our total climbed to 21 nests.

Totals as of June 5, 2020
MN007 – The indentions are made by her stub of a right rear flipper.

A false crawl that messed up some newly planted sea oats. They will come back just fine though!
Another false crawl. She didn’t like this artificially steep slope. Man-made slopes just don’t compare to the ones nature makes.