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Cover for Mickler's Landing Turtle Patrol
Mickler's Landing Turtle Patrol

Mickler's Landing Turtle Patrol

Mickler's Landing Turtle Patrol is a team of dedicated volunteers who monitor 4.6 miles of beach sur

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We are thankful Hurricane Ian bypassed us, but we still experienced a significant loss of sand and several sea turtle nests. Prior to Hurricane Ian, we had 16 nests remaining on our Central and South sections of beach. Eleven were fully lost, and the remaining five may still be there. These five nests are on our South section, close to GTMNERR. All remaining nests on our Central section (Mickler's to the Sea Hammock Condos) were lost. We are continuing our daily monitoring of the remaining nests in case they survived and will emerge. We are hopeful. This season, we welcomed a near record-breaking 182 nests (the record is 184 set in 2019). Because it is so late in the season, we don't expect any new nests, but the turtles have surprised us before! Here are several photos of Hurricane Ian's impact on our beach. There were a lot of changes that shifted the way our beach looks. Stay safe out there, and if you're visiting the beach, keep an eye out for trash and help us out by picking it up and disposing of it properly. 🐢 ... See MoreSee Less
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We keep thinking the time for new nests is coming to a close, but then the green turtles throw us a curveball! We had another green nest today which brings us to a total of TWENTY-ONE green turtle nests this season. Our previous record was 11 green turtle nests set in 2012. 🐢This is our 182nd nest this season. Our previous record (184 nests) was set in 2019. Will we beat our previous record??The latest known date a nest has been laid on our stretch of beach is September 29th (2017). The second latest nest of any season was laid August 24th (2015 & 2022).This nest was relocated for the FEMA Dune Enhancement Project, and all activities are conducted under FWC MTP 22-029 & MTP 22-111. ... See MoreSee Less
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Interesting Evaluation Today

No new nests today, but we evaluated a very unique emergence this morning. The first emergence on this nest occurred on Sunday out of a…

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