Another Three Nest Day

HOORAY! Another 3-nest day! That makes two 3-nest days in a row. One of today’s nests was another Leatherback, which brings us to three Leatherbacks so far. (Our record is 4 in one season.)

Unfortunately, one of our nests today is in front of a seawall. The problem with nests in front of seawalls is that if we get a storm where the tides are high enough to hit the wall, erosion will occur and we could lose the nest.

Totals as of June 1
MN005 – Our leatherback nest. It is a relatively small disturbance for a leatherback, but that can happen!
MN005 – Again we found a green liquid discharge in the tracks.


MS011 – This is an abandoned body pit. She didn’t like that spot and moved further west to nest.
MS011 – A close up view of the body pit.