A Leatherback Yesterday – A Loggerhead Today

As of yesterday, we entered double digits with another leatherback nest. Then today we had a new loggerhead nest.

The loggerhead nest was south of Mickler’s (south is beating north in nests 8 to 3) and one more false crawl north of Mickler’s (north is winning in false crawls 5-1).

Totals as of May 29
False Crawl

The leatherback was unusual in that she crawled around in the vegetation. She also left a few things behind, including 3 “spacer” eggs in the middle of her outgoing tracks. She also left areas of green liquid on her incoming track, something we have never noticed before. Dr. Stacy (NOAA sea turtle vet) said reptiles can have bile-colored GI contents, especially if they are not eating, which is probably typical of a female during her nesting season. The green liquid discharge was probably watery feces or feces-stained urine. (I guess I won’t be reusing the plastic container in which I gathered a sample!)

May 28 Totals