It’s on!

We started walking turtle patrol on Monday April 15th. The season officially starts May 1st, but the FWC asks us to start April 15th, so we do. In light of the fact that there was a leatherback nest in southern St. John’s County on April 14th, I’m glad we did. We haven’t found any nests yet, but we are working out the kinks, checking out the beach and meeting the newbies.

We had a record turnout his morning — 11 people! What a great group. We couldn’t meet at Mickler’s this morning, because there was an estimated 1,000+ people there for an Easter Sunrise service, so the parking lot was overflowing even before our meet time.

A special thanks to Becky DeSantis and Anita Massara for checking the beach at Mickler’s for nests before the crowd arrived. They got there at 4:15 am!